Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mary Tocco's Challenge & Surgery Cures

Here is the Mary Tocco challenge to any doctor or nurse who believes these toxins are O.K. to inject:

I want you to take the exact injections you ask all the children to take, only you must make the injections
appropriate to your body weight.

Then get on the same schedule with all the boosters...let us see how well your brain and body function!!!

Fact: A one year old child will get the same flu vaccine as a full grown 280 pound man!

Most flu shots contain thimerosal and aluminum...very toxic!

I've been sending this statement and YouTube video to all of my friends.

But now I realize as I write on this blog, how stupid I am for promoting Tocco's stupid challenge.

Lets look at the practicalities. Lets say that some super genius and incredibly intelligent doctor, who knows a ton more about science and how human physiology works than I do (as I barely passed high school) decides to take the challenge.

Why would the doctor sign up for this?  Just to prove a nobody like Tocco wrong?  Would he pay for all of these vaccines out of his own pocket?  Who would be the 3rd party responsible for obtaining the vaccines and making sure that Tocco wasn't putting poison inside them?  How would a "weight appropriate" adjusted dose be figured out exactly?  Just these questions alone show how stupid this challenge is, and shows how moronic Tocco and I have been.  But for the sake of argument lets continue on.  Lets say some doctor or nurse takes this challenge...

Scenario #1 -  The smart doctor finishes the challenge and proves them all wrong.  The anti-vaccine community claims something must have went wrong, or someone cheated, or someone lied and the whole episode gets swept under the table.

Scenario #2 - The smart doctor finishes the challenge and gets sick during/afterwards in a consequential fashion, with some illness not pertaining to any of the vaccines that he had been given.  This would allow the anti-vaccine community to shout from the roof tops, "OH vaccines make you sick!"

Scenario #3 - The smart doctor finishes the challenge and is genuinely mentally ill as a consequence of the "toxic load" of vaccines.  This would be a starting point for scientists to do more research on the issue, and anti-vaccine theorists would point out that they've been correct all along.  In my insane fucked up world, this is what I imagine happening.  Then again I'm a complete idiot, so... decide for yourself.

Look at the three scenarios.  Does any of them solve anything?  Nope.

Great challenge Tocco.  You are my hero.  You are brainwashing a bunch of paranoid idiots just like me!  Thanks to you and Dr. Wakefield I am going to be able to pretend I know everything about how modern medicine sucks ass, and pretend I am smarter than doctors.

By the way, I am thinking about opening a clinic.  Anyone reading this should come by my house sometime, and I can have a look at you and fix your cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, breathing problems, and appendicitis with my diets and vitamins.  So don't let some surgeon tell you he can take out your brain tumor and save your life.  That's a bunch of bullshit.  Surgery is for quacks, idiots, and sheeple.  Don't DO it!

Don't you know people die in surgery?  So if you get in a car wreck, just have the helicopter fly you over to my place for some vitamin shakes.  That should get you up and going in about an hour.  Don't fuck with those dumb ass doctors.  They obviously know nothing about science.  That's why they like vaccines, medicines, and surgery.  Those guys in the white coats are a bunch of fucktards.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Question 2 - Why the medical community?


I seen the Paxil commercials, and was on another prescription drug, and I asked to be swithched to Paxil. I never questioned if Paxil was addictive, was told nothing by my doctor. Reading pharmacy and drug book information, did not say anything about it being habit-forming, nor addictive. After a few months on the drug, I tried going off, cold turkey, and the result was electric zaps throughout my body, mostly my arms and legs, and a strange whoosh-like sound in my head, that every time I moved; it felt like some sort of seizure of brief but repeatative nature. Memory is terrible; that and extreme fatigue, now that I have tapered the dosage to 10 mgs; I am scared of going to 5mgs. I will know later how that turns out. Paxil is a terrrible drug-that I never would have taken, had I known the truth. It is beyond human comprehension, how such lies can be perpetrated on such a large number of people across this entire country; and all in the name of wrongful profit. - S. D.

I think the greatest disservice GSK did, was to falsely claim only drug addicts and the like, could get hooked on, or for only such poeple could paxil become habit forming? So, all these people having signed this petion, are drug addicts? For one, I am not! The first 6 months I took Paxil, it seemed to work well for the stress related anxiety I was prescribed for. the TV comercials bragged it up as good for such a condition, and being non habit forming; LIERS!!! My doctor never informed me of severe withdrawal I may experiance, or when I should get off the drug, basically prescribed more sample, by phoning his nurses. After six months, I tried to go off cold turkey; after four days had severe shock waves in my brain, body, and up and down my legs. Zapping was so severe, I could hardly hold my eyes open; to sit still, with your eyes shut was the best. Paxil; non habit forming??? I then went back on 20mg. and proceeded down to 10, 5, and the 0. over 4 months time; each step was hell; with more of the same, no sleep, just nightmares, migraines I never had before. Each step down, after a couple days, I had to return to the previous dosage, and start over back down, because the brainzapping/ body pulsing, and near inability to function and concentrate, were gone; I could not stay at work, without more drug. I was continually late for work; could not wake up; was no exhausted. I nearly lost my job. now after 4 months I am off Paxil for 20 days; and still from time to time I am getting brain zaps and whooshing sounds in my ears and head; at time it feels like someone pumped my head full of air; my balance and coordination are off- to the point it is hard to work, also. When I read the article on the 3 part article on the pineal gland, on www. antidepressants facts .com, it is clear that Paxil causes brain damage, thanks so much, GSK, and being Paxil has such a short half life, about 4 days, it seems; these results of my experiance can be looked at as nothong but possible brain damage, my brain is still trying to find ways to compensate for. Now, after 20 days, I am developing sever panic attackson awaking in the morning, that I had not before. What do I do now; go get myself hooked on more Xanax? I believe all SSRI drugs are dangerous; and Paxil is the worst. What about the violent anger,and frustration this drug produces?This is a treatment that makes people better able to function in life? It is biggest lie ever told; for profit of the already rich, to get richer! GSK, I hope that when all the lawsuits are completed, you no longer exist, to harm anyone else; it can not come soon enough! GSK, feel free to email me at cornfieldmn@yahoo.com, and that with any appoligy you have the balls to make! Again I ask you in top management to please take your own poison, for 6 months, an then go off cold turkey; or even wean off slowly, maybe you would have an attitude adjustment!!! Profits will mean nothing, when you get to the end of your life; and you have to answer for the pain you have caused. I hope you are made to experiance the agony, times 1000, the people that have signed this petion, have felt! - USA

Here are two statements I made a couple years ago.  As you can see, I have extreme anxiety and stress issues that I thought the medical community could heal.  Unfortunately I got a side-effect from a medication that my doctor did not tell me about (since I get easily addicted to drugs).  Now, thanks to that one episode I have learned the truth about doctors.  They all suck.  The entire medical system is at fault.  Thanks to them I have brain damage and I am a complete moron.  It's all their fault!  Everyone is just out to make a profit on my anxiety.

I'm surprised the medical community sheeple haven't figured out how to profit on air yet.  When they do I'm just going to stop breathing it.  SUCK on that big pharma!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Question 1 - Why antivaccine?

I, Lowel Hubbs, am not just antivaccine.  I am anti- anything established.  I am anti- THE MAN.

Listen, the government is trying to run our lives.  And it's bullshit.  The government is just producing chemicals that they are pumping into the air.  I breathe this toxic crap, and now look at me, I'm posting pure bullshit on blogs and websites.  It's all because of the government.  That's why I am anti-government.

I am also anti-pharmaceutical companies.  People just look in the history books.  Its all there plane as day.  The government formed all the pharmaceutical companies way back in like the 1800's and now they are keeping us all drugged up.  And making us pay for it.  It's all there.  Just read it in the history books.  Big pharma is trying to rape us, and all you sheeple are falling for it.

But I am not just anti-vaccine, anti-government, and anti-pharmaceutical, it's so much more.  I am anti-hospital, anti-doctor, anti-big tobacco, anti-cooperation, anti-global warming, anti-Obama, anti-Europe, anti-sanity, anti-MSNBC, anti-facts, anti-reason, anti-logic, anti-nurses, anti-surgery, anti-children, anti-puppies, and anti-liberal AMERICA.  I am also anti-sheeple, even though I just quote whatever any person who is against doctors and healthcare say.  I really just don't even think for myself actually.

Thank you Dr. Wakefield and thank you freedom of speech for allowing me to take up space on the internet.

Until next time,

Lowell Hubbs

A Bit About Me - Lowel Hubbs

Hi my name is Lowell Hubbs, and I am an ex-felon / ex-con, who barely passed high school, who believes he knows everything there is to know about the evil medical community.  This is my new blog.  Please stay posted for a FAQ soon to follow.